Hi, I'm Hyginus.

A UX Designer who is passionate about helping organizations in building usable, equitable, enjoyable and useful digital products.

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Zena - Dashboard UX/UI Design

Zena is an International Voucher Payment System. It will solve the pain points our users face while trying to send and receive money internationally.

Relaywash - Mobile UX/UI Design

An on-demand laundry and dry cleaning application for busy professionals and entrepreneurs.

Jaru - Website UI UX

Jaru is a brand that creates visual arts. The goal is to build a responsive website which will showcase all services and automate most users’ requests like booking services, buying video courses, etc.

Landing Page - UI Design

Premium Realty is an investor centric real estate agency that connects verifiable and profitable land investments. Premium Realty needs a website landing page to help drive leads for their Business.

606 Design System

Figma Design System to help designers build great Responsive Web UI.